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Surf Lessons and Coaching

Are you looking to take your first surf lesson? Or maybe you are looking to take the next step with surfing and learn some new skills? We offer everything from Beginner Surf Lessons through Coaching at a competitive level.


Beginner Surf Lessons

Beginner Surf Lessons are the best way to get introduced to surfing! Beginner surf lessons are an hour and 15 minutes long and start on the beach with ocean safety and how to stand up on the surfboard. Beginner Surf Lessons include a surfboard and in water assistance (being pushed into waves).


Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons are an hour long session with in water (push-in) assistance. A surfboard is not included. 


Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions are for people who are able to paddle out into the line up and catch their own waves (or are ready to start). There is no in water assistance (push in) during coaching sessions and your instructor will be on a board.


Lead Surf Instructor

Name - Ami

Surfing Experience - Over 20 years

Currently Riding - 5'10" Tom Neilson Performance Shortboard, 5'8" Tom Neilson Performance Fish, and a 9'4" Tom Neilson Right Coast Cruiser

CPR and First Aid Certified / Knows American Sign Language

UCF Graduate 

Seminole County Public Schools for 10+ years (Physical Education Teacher

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Surf Instructor

  • Name - Natalie Heath

  • Natalie has been surfing for 17 years. On and off through college and regularly after moving to Satellite Beach in 2017. She mostly surfs her newest board, a 6’10” Lost Rad Ripper, but loves when she can borrow a longboard of any kind! One days when there aren’t many waves, she enjoys taking out her inflatable paddle board.

  • Natalie received her undergraduate (environmental studies) and graduate degrees (Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning) at Florida State University, where she was also a member of the Florida State Surf Club. She met her husband at Surf Club and they have been surfing together ever since! Aside from surfing in Florida, she has surfed in California, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico, with her favorite surf trip being to Kandui Resort in Mentawai Islands, Indonesia for her honeymoon!

  • Natalie is also a certified yoga teacher and owns Black Sand Yoga, a yoga company focused on yoga for surfers. She is also CPR certified.

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